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Axl Milk Vase Small

$29.99 $39.99

The Axl Milk Vase Small is inspired by the classic farmhouse milk jug shape. Accent this traditional vase with faux or dried stems. Pair with the Axl Milk Vase Large to create a timeless farmhouse vignette.

With its faux-ceramic finish, the Axl look is the perfect combination of modern enamel and a stoneware-like natural infusion. -Suitable for dried bouquets and faux stems or use as a standalone statement piece. -Functional and decorative, this item adds a touch of modern rustic infusion to your space. -With a more structural shape, the faux-ceramic enamel finish softens the look of this modern farmhouse item. -Diameter of vase opening is 3.25" -This vase is not water tight, making it ideal for faux stems

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